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Thank Yous!!

Shenece J.

I have personally utilized Catina Grant for our old house to restore patio furniture, lighting, doors, etc.  At our new home she helped to organize clothes and linen closets as well as our pantry.  Highly recommend!!

First Thank You Below :

Ms. Catina Grant did an amazing job helping me to get organized in our new home!!  She is worth every penny and reduced my stress and anxiety with this move!!  I hated cutting the umbilical cord today.  I wish I could have you around every day!!  Of course, my hubby cut the purse strings

Larissa W.

Catina did a great job on our gas lanterns! She is professional, conscientious, and timely.  I highly recommend her services.  See the before and after photos.

Jacque R.

Happy New Year!  You are a true gem and do incredible work!

Jennifer S.

Catina did all of the lights surrounding our house and what a difference it made!  This woman works harder than many people I know! Highly recommend!

Kim H.

Cat is awesome!

Beverly S.

Cat does GREAT work ... an artist!

Angie S.

Catina Grant - you did a great job restoring our iron doors at our home in Westlake.  Highly recommend!

Alicia C.

Would love for you to come back to our house!

Angelita T.

Thank you so very much! It turned out way better than I could've expected!!!

Betsy J.

She did a great job for me also.

Karmen M.

That looks amazing! Thank you so much! You made everything look amazing.

Brandy G.

Thank you for your hard work. Have a wonderful evening.

Laura W.

Cat is absolutely AMAZING!  She worked ALL DAY long restoring/painting my patio furniture.  It looks brand new.

She is very detail oriented.  She started out turning each piece over and painting the bottom.  And she is so cute too with her hot pink signs, umbrellas, tennis shoes and accessories.  I highly recommend her. 

Melanie C.

Just got all my patio furniture restored by All Things Restoration.  Looks great!

Kathie E.

Catina worked on my doors, lamps and outdoor fans and did a great job!!

Kim C.

Catina does excellent work for a very fair price.

Marina P.

Cat is amazing.

Holly W.

You are awesome!

Emily B.

You're the bomb, Catina!  Thanks for the work you did for us!

Megan R.

We moved from PH to TC 5 years ago.  I'll let my friends know how amazing you are!!!

Elaine W.

You did a great job and look forward to you helping on the other projects!

Karen W.

I love it!  Cat did a fantastic job!

Lindsay A.

It is stunning!!!! Sent the pictures to my husband and he is blown away!  You are an inspiration!! Love how you give God the glory through the telling of your story.  Keep shining His light!!

Elizabeth W. 

Everything looks amazing.  We both appreciate the wonderful work you have done.

Melissa E.

Cat is so easy to work with!!  Her mantra is 'restore don't repurchase' and I couldn't agree more!  She has refinished/restored multiple pieces for us over the years.  I highly recommend her.

Dana M.

Cat's work is fantastic and her prices are great!  Cat is the absolute best!!!

Cheralyn S.

Happy New Year!  You are the best! Can't wait for you to come work more magic tomorrow!

Kelly D.

Catina Grant is the best!

Sandy C.

She did a great job on my front door!

Michelle Y.

Highly recommend too!  She restored our front door, outdoor light, and house sign.  Thank you, Cat!

Ame D.

Catina is great - restored our outdoor lights last year!

Lori W.

Yay!!! Amazing work too.

Kelly D.

Amazing job ... thank you so much!

Krista R.

That door!  You crushed it!

Lynn B.

Thank you so much for everything!  I'm so happy with how it turned out!  My door being so fancy makes me realize how bad I need the landscaping done! LOL

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