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Entrepreneurship ... not always easy, but always worth it.  Just Jump!

- Cat Grant

Catina Grant

Founder and CEO

Cat, has a love for transformation and an ingrain belief that things should be RESTORED not REPLACED, therefore, she serves as the Lead Restorer on most projects.

As Catina who is affectionately referred to as "CAT" waved goodbye to the world of Corporate America in 2010, she formed several small businesses, later renaming the business to All Things Restoration, to encompass all services she wanted to provide.   

Cat's professional background includes Logistics, Training, Marketing, Human Resources and Sales.

Her last corporate function was that of Operations Director at a local non-profit organization, here in Dallas, Tx.  She was head of all operations in the field as well as company sales.  Selling upwards of $500,000 in product and services.  Cat partnered with Energy Companies, Schools and Surrounding businesses to accomplish the tasks of the non-profit organization.  

Although, she wore many hats in Corporate America she knew that as an Artist and one that had a ministry of service, that that part of her journey was merely a steppingstone to her true path of being a business owner, where she could help others survive this crazy world, by merely taking some of the load off.  Cat, states "I looked around one day and noticed how everyone, moms, dads, men, women, everyone was just "always busy" and everyone's homes were being neglected.  So, I said, how can I help the corporate folks, with their many tasks at home, so they don't continue neglecting the home"?  So, at the age of 38, she decided to "jump" and JUMP she did!!

While restoring is the area of focus for the business primarily, organization, purging, interior painting, or remodeling someone's home still happens on occasions.

Meet the Owner

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